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5 Best CBD Vape Oils & Juices – 2020 E-Liquid Reviews

Some studies suggest that CBD may help treat some chronic conditions, such as anxiety and pain. However, most studies have evaluated the effects of taking CBD orally and not through inhalation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend against vaping, as the long-term effects are still unknown. Keep reading to find out more regarding vaping CBD and its potential therapeutic uses, as well as data concerning certain vape pens, formulations, and also the risks involved.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Epidiolex, a CBD oral solution, indicated for use in Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet syndrome, which are rare forms of epilepsy. In Canada and Europe, doctors can prescribe Sativex, which is a mouth spray that contains both CBD and THC to treat spasticity in multiple sclerosis.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine, there are currently 228 studies on CBD that are completed, active, or pending results. People may also look for CBD in commercial products, such as health and food supplements.

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cbd living vape juice

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What is CBD vape oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike the mind-altering THC, the cannabinoid associated with marijuana, CBD does not have the ability to make a user high. The hemp and CBD industry have seen huge growth over the last decade because of countless studies that recommend cannabidiol could offer varied health benefits.

CBD vape oil is a term that generally refers to any vape juice that contains CBD, as against nicotine. It is really a misnomer considering that it doesn’t actually contain any oil. It would be more accurately named as CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid. Some are CBD vape additives that blend in along with your existing flavors, while others are pre-mixed flavors. CBD is naturally-occurring in cannabis and hemp plants and has been shown to provide relief for a wide range of symptoms.

CBD e-liquid is formulated specifically for vaping, but the ingredients (VG, PG, CBD, and flavorings) also happen to be edible, so they can also be taken orally. Keep in mind, it doesn’t work the other way around! CBD oil tinctures and hemp seed oil, are for oral use only because they are both oil-based substances that are not suitable for inhalation.

Vapers have been embracing CBD oil lately. There are numerous health advantages related to CBD, particularly if you vape it. even if you don’t have any health problems at all, vaping CBD can still make you feel even better. It’s non-psychoactive, so it will not get you high — but it will help to ease your mind and body.

There is still plenty of confusion relating to CBD oil and vaping. Technically speaking, “CBD vape oil” isn’t actually oil-based and they’re only designed for vaping.

Benefits of CBD vape juice

The most commonly reported effects of CBD are a sense of calm or relaxation, relief from pain or anxiety, and an overall improvement in mood. In high doses, CBD can induce drowsiness or sleep, but in small amounts, it can actually have the opposite effect, promoting alertness. These are the effects most CBD users seek:

  • Relaxation or calmness
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved mood
  • Comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Sleepiness (in high doses)
  • Alertness (in low doses)

CBD oil made of hemp typically doesn’t contain enough THC to induce you high, however, it will produce a strong sense of calm without the uneasiness, paranoia and other aspects effects some individuals experience from marijuana. That’s actually why a lot of individuals use CBD. several users specifically take CBD oil for anxiety.

But there’s a caveat: the speed and intensity of these effects depend on how it’s consumed. The effects of vaping CBD come on faster. Even though the sensations will eventually be generally the same, a CBD oil tincture or a CBD edible will take longer, and will probably require more CBD content to deliver the same benefits.

Is it Safe to Vape CBD?

First, there was CBD oil. Then, it came in fancy flavors like mint chocolate and lemon. Next, there were CBD truffles and lattes, and not long after, body oils, face serums, and sore muscle balms hit the market. Now, we’re seeing CBD vape pens everywhere.

According to research, vape pens are a great way to use CBD. they are convenient, quick—because you get the advantages of the CBD even as fast as you would if you were smoking it—and as vape pen enthusiasts can tell you, a healthier alternative to smoking as a result of it’s free of tar and carcinogens.

“The biggest benefit of vaping CBD is it has a quick onset of action, within 5 to 10 minutes. You can also titrate the dose very effectively when vaping, which can be tougher with a sublingual or oral application. If you are going to vape, the best ones are products where ethanol or CO2 is used as the solvent to extract the CBD. 

There are some potential drawbacks. There are no long-term safety studies on vaporization, so the long-term effects are still unknown. And anyone who has lung issues, such as asthma or COPD should absolutely avoid vaping as it can exacerbate those issues.”

Will CBD vape oil get me high?

We already know that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, a type of natural compound found in cannabis and hemp. It’s one of the several compounds in these plants, but it’s received more attention lately as changes to state and federal laws have led to a rise in the production of CBD-infused products.

Another well-known cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This compound is known for its mind-altering effects once consumed with cannabis, or marijuana. THC produces what several consider a “high,” or an altered state characterized by euphoria, pleasure, or heightened sensory perception. CBD doesn’t cause a high like THC.

CBD does have some positive health advantages, like serving people with anxiety and depression. If you’re using CBD as a way to get high, you won’t experience that.

Both THC and CBD naturally came in cannabis plants. CBD can be isolated from the cannabis plant and the THC compound. People infuse CBD into tinctures, oils, edibles, and other products without the high-inducing THC.

Still, many individuals might assume CBD causes the same effects as marijuana because both can be found in the same plant. However, CBD alone is nonintoxicating. It won’t cause a high.

What’s more, CBD may also be derived from the hemp plant. Hemp has no psychoactive effects, either. In fact, in many countries, only hemp-derived CBD is available legally. These products, by law, can haven’t any more than 0.3 % THC. This isn’t enough to make any psychoactive symptoms.

Is CBD Vape Oil Legal?

There are many ways to get into trouble in the vaping world. You may take care if you hit up Reddit for a few minutes you may notice huge roguish stories regarding vapers moving into trouble. If you’re caught vaping substances that you simply did not understand were illegal then you could get yourself in lots of unnecessary trouble.

You may have seen so much misinformation out there on forums and I have heard plenty of idealistic stoner friends make up stories about the legality of CBD vape juice that contains 30% THC.

The push for legal cannabis has made enough progress that currently there are only three states where marijuana of any type in any form continues to be fully illegal. Those states are American state, Nebraska, and Mount Rushmore State. If you don’t live in these states, you will be able to acquire legal CBD oil.

Hemp producers who sell CBD products will usually use the 2014 farm bill to claim that it’s legal. This bill includes a provision that enables for the legal cultivation of hemp provided it’s used for academic agricultural research or beneath a state pilot program. However, there’s still confusion about whether the legal allowance for cultivation also includes selling it.

The DEA hasn’t made going after CBD users a priority, however generally, federally it remains illegal. you will have to go on a state-by-state level to check if CBD oil is legal where you are.

Even though hemp is very different from marijuana in that hemp is a cannabis plant that has a smaller amount THC (0.3%) compared to Marijuana’s higher content — the 2 were viewed as the same.

Due to this, within the eyes of the law, any product that contained CBD was prohibited as a result of it came from cannabis plants which were usually tainted with the potentially negative

Vaping CBD for beginners

As with most CBD products, the serving size for vape oil is different for each person. However, we can provide recommendations to help you discover the right serving size for you.

It is suggested that you start with a low amount when introducing CBD vape oil into your system. One to two inhales from the pen is a good starting point. Continue with this serving size for a few days and note how you feel afterward.

If the results are not as you expected, increase the number of inhales by one. Continue this process until the desired effects are reached.

In some considerations, there are many variations to vaping. For example, the length of your pull will have an impact on how much CBD enters your system. A lengthier pull will introduce more CBD into your system as opposed to a short pull. You can try to keep your pulls consistent or experiment with different pull lengths.

The situation can also determine how much CBD you consume. You may require more CBD in a situation where you are targeting a specific concern. As you are experimenting with how much CBD to vape, it can help to note how you are feeling before vaping.

CBD Oil Vape Effects

Once you have inhaled the CBD oil and it has been absorbed into your bloodstream, the CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system. This helps maintain the balance for several bodily functions, such as appetite, mood, immune response, and energy levels. The Endocannabinoid system is also important in helping the body achieve homeostasis.

Here are some of the effects of vaping CBD:

  • Better Concentration. CBD can relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, meaning you will have better concentration and find it easier to focus.
  • Increased Motivation. The study shows that CBD could be used as a viable treatment option for people suffering from motivational disorders because it targets a number of motivation-related systems in the brain by modulating the endocannabinoid system.
  • Better Quality Of Sleep. Taking CBD oil can make you sleep better and even ease sleeping disorders, such as insomnia. Not only can CBD increase how long you sleep but it can also increase your tolerance to disturbances, meaning that you are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Pain Relief. CBD can help provide pain relief to patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis, muscle and chronic pain syndromes, and spinal injuries.

Top 5 Best CBD Vape Oil Reviews

CBD living Vape Oil – Best CBD vape juice

cbd living vape juice

After the CBD oil is extracted using the critical CO2 method, high-quality vape oils like in CBD Living Vape can only use inert and harmless MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides).

  • Nanotechnology process
  • Relaxing effect
  • Expensive products

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CBD Living Vape is at the highest end of this spectrum of quality and efficiency.  They use a critical CO2 extraction process and blend natural terpenes back into the MCT oil portion. So, for those of you who are searching for the simplest economics as well as the highest level of effectiveness, you may notice CBD Living Vape cartridges to contain a 50/50% combination of CBD (cannabidiol) to the terpene-enhanced MCT oil additive.  Awesome effect and rich flavor.

The vape pen from CBD Living is more sort of a surgical instrument compared to other well-liked, plastic vape pens like bhang Sticks. CBD Living’s Vape Pen features a level of construction, technology, and detail that’s unmatched in other vape pens.  It is more like a surgical instrument when compared to other popular vape pens like Bhang Sticks.

High-quality CBD vape oil is arguably the fastest way to get CBD into your system if conscious and awake.  It’s easy to understand that the CBD in the oil vapor is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream, and therefore an extremely effective way to administer your CBD.  It is also very efficient because you are the one who determines how many hits on the vaporizer you take.

CBDfx Vape Juice – Best CBD hemp vape Juice

CBDfx Vape Juice

CBDfx has done a good job of creating a well-rounded line of fruity vape juice flavors. They are specifically designed with vapers in mind and created with a similar standard of quality as their CBD vape additives.

  • Easy to use
  • Wide Variety of flavors
  • Limited Hemp source information

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CBDfx sources its CBD from organic hemp farms and mixes in a cGMP certified facility. They also show up-to-date third-party test results for every flavor and CBD strength on their website. All of their vape juice comes in 30 mL plastic bottles to differentiate them from the vape additives (which come in glass dropper bottles).

Their pre-mixed vape juice is transparent. It’s not as dark and vicious as their full spectrum oil additives. Each bottle features a similar design and logo but has different color labels with a visual representation of their corresponding flavor profile.

CBD isolate really doesn’t have much of a noticeable taste, thus it permits the flavors to stand out while providing your daily dose of CBD. the quality of the vape juice appears to be on par with what you’d expect from a well-established CBD brand like CBDfx.

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape – best CBD for Vape Juice

Hemp Bombs Vape Juice

Hemp Bombs has since managed to become one of the most popular CBD companies in the US, offering a wide variety of products, from CBD oils and tinctures to CBD gummies, syrup, and even e-liquid.

  • Wide Potency Range
  • Good Taste
  • A bit expensive

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Hemp Bombs currently gives you 15 different flavors in their CBD vape juice line. The CBD dosages vary from 75 mg to 4000 mg CBD in every bottle, and they all come in a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. They also have an unflavored additive that can be used for mixing cannabidiol with your own e-liquids. Their products are all CBD-isolate based, and the lab test results confirm that they are in fact THC-free, so they won’t cause you to get high or fail a drug test. All of their lab test results can be found on their site or by scanning a unique QR code located on every product.

They categorize their products as “broad spectrum”, and the lab test results show trace amounts of CBD, another phytocannabinoid. Their CBD e-liquid comes in 60 ml bottles, 16.5 ml sample bottles and may be purchased in varied mix-and-match bundles. Hemp Bombs additionally offers all of their signature flavors in CBD cartridges and disposable CBD vape pens. I’m already completely sold on their Exotic Watermelon Kush, so I can’t wait to check what else they have to offer.

Hemp Bombs is one of the most effective firms once it involves cannabis production and cannabis products. The firm has invested heavily in researching the best ways to use cannabis products for different conditions. It has guaranteed the safety of CBD oils and other products. Some of its products include gummies, e-liquids, capsules, oils, syrups, and gels made of cannabis extracts.

CBDMD CBD Vape – Best CBD oil for vaping

CBDMD Vape Oil

cbdMD makes its products using 100% organic hemp and uses the CO2 extraction method – one of the more advanced procedures of extraction once making their oils.

  • Best product quality
  • Affordable price
  • Individuals with coconut allergies shouldn’t use

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There’s a lot to love about cbdMD’s CBD Vape Oil in general: The flavors are pleasing and you may particularly like the vanilla flavor, as it pairs well with several different vapes. The vape oil is packaged in childproof bottles (a move you’d like to see more CBD providers making in the future — CBD is medicine and, while it doesn’t carry the same overdose risk of other medications, we feel it should still be packaged responsibly).

The dosage strength is good for therapeutic use, the product is affordable, and the dropper makes adding it to your preferred vape cartridge convenient, especially if you like to customize your vape flavors.

The CBD used in the vape oil is also of the best quality: like all of cbdMD’s products, the starting hemp material is non-GMO, sustainably cultivated, and organically fully grown. It is then extracted using an environmentally friendly method before being formulated into the many CBD products offered by the company.

Each product is batch-tested for quality, purity, and potency, and those results are publicly available. There are a lot of positives to these vape oils, but there’s one major downside we can’t overlook: Use of PG (also known as propylene glycol)

Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Vape Oil – best cBD Vape Juice

Pure Hemp Botanicals Vape Juice

Pure Hemp Botanicals’ commitment to organic products and a minimalist ingredient list instills confidence in you and causes you to be willing to trust their products.

  • Easy to use
  • Good Flavor
  • No international shipping

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All products are completely organic and really effective. it’s hard to mention whether or not the muscle rub is effective due to the hemp oil or because of the quality mixture of camphor, menthol, etc. within the muscle rub; however, the tea, vape oil, and capsules are all quite effective and well definitely worth the price.

Pure Hemp Botanicals’ commitment to organic products and a minimalist ingredient list instills confidence in you and causes you to be willing to trust their product. However, they do not offer any independent or internal laboratory testing to confirm the standard and purity of their products or supply material.

They do offer data explaining that the hemp they use is grown organically, and hence without the employment of pesticides, and domestically in Colorado where they’re primarily based. Some might wish to see credible laboratory testing of their product or the supply material at the very least to actually be satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of vaping CBD?

Research into the side effects of CBD is still in its infancy. A comprehensive study was released last year that concluded there were in fact some side effects associated with CBD. The most commonly documented side effect of CBD is mild drowsiness.

Is vaping better than using drops?

Vaping will greatly decrease the amount of time it takes for the CBD in your body to become active since you don’t have to wait for it to travel through your gut. By vaporizing a CBD e-liquid or high-CBD concentrate, you may probably feel its effects 30 to 60 minutes quicker.

Can you take too much CBD?

The general consensus among professionals and even the World Health Organization is that even in extremely large doses, CBD is likely to cause extreme drowsiness, lethargy, upset stomach, nausea and diarrhea, and other unpleasant, disorienting side effects, not death.


What are CBD Cigarettes Good for – Explore the Benefits & Risks

cbd cigarettes

According to the WHO, 1 in 5 adults in the world is smoking. By these, we can say that an average of 20% of the world’s population is probably addicted to nicotine. And yes, smoking is one of the leading causes of death.

Due to this, a lot of alternatives had been done to counter this problem. There are nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or prescription medicines that help with smoking cessations. But have you ever heard of CBD Cigarettes? Just make sure that when you’re looking for the best cbd cigarettes, you won’t be ripped off, which means that you shouldn’t go for the most expensive one, but for the product which has the best reputation.

What are CBD Cigarettes?

A lot of people who are trying to stop their nicotine addiction agreed that CBD cigarettes are an effective alternative to the common cigarette.  Unlike your common cigarettes which are lump with tobacco, CBD cigarettes are composed of hemp, which contains a lot of CBD. 

If you’re worried that these cigarettes might make you high, then do not fret. They are 100% safe and do not make someone high and mentally unstable. The CBD cigarettes are non-toxic as they are made up of less than 0.3% ∆9 THC with 0% nicotine. Because of how CBD cigarettes are made up, they have been federally legalized in the United States. 

Due to the rise of the popularity of CBD Cigarettes, you can see a lot of websites and opportunists that are selling them. However, there are a lot of sellers with ill-intent who sell these cigarettes at a very low price, but are at low quality or worse, fake.

What are they good for?

Hemp has been in so much debate if it is ever useful to the human body, that’s why by making it in a cigarette, more and more people have been questioning its effectiveness.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that has been suggested to support the body’s endocannabinoid system, and its help to different body functions, such as:


Although not yet fully proven to end anxiety, there are a lot of great feedbacks that have been recorded. Researches found out that CBD, which is in the cigarette, can change the way your brain’s receptors respond to serotonin. 

Pain relief

The effects of CBD on your brain’s receptor may also help in easing the pain. There are some studies that show that cannabis can have great benefits when taken after chemotherapy treatments. There are some other preclinical studies that have been sponsored by the National Institutions of Health that shows that CBD can also relieved symptoms caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Muscle Pain


It has already been reported before that CBD is a possible treatment for epilepsy. However, research is still in its early days. Researchers are still pinpointing how effective CBD can be in reducing the numbers of seizures in people with epilepsy, and how safe it can be to a person if treated with CBD. 

It is known that the use of CBD and its safeness is still in debate but having these kinds of reasons gives a lot of hope to people who are suffering from any symptoms or disorders. It’s just that the main concern on this is it’s possible to abuse when it gets publicized and fully-legalized.

CBD for Vaping: Best Ways to Consume CBD

CBD for Vaping_ Best Ways to Consume CBD

There are a variety of cannabinoids in the family of cannabis sativa plants and the compound cannabidiol (CBD) is making its way to amuse people in the medical field as it provides promising health benefits. You can check this out to get a quick look at the Best CBD vape juices available in your town.

CBD compound, unlike marijuana with a high component of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD contains less than 0.3% THC and is non psychoactive, meaning it will not make you feel “high” or get yourself in trouble for consuming it.

While researchers have only just started conducting studies and investigations on this hot stuffs’ properties, CBD oil gained its popularity for acting as an anti-seizure medication which greatly helps people suffering from epilepsy or anxiety attacks and so forth.

CBD has plenty of uses that some of which are already available in the market and are readily being traded in some states.

One of the best ways to enjoy the health benefits of CBD is to consume it by vaping or smoking.

If you are new to both vaping and CBD then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with much information to get you started with 

Vaping or Smoking

Before getting intimidated with vaping CBD oil, you must know that what it meant was the consumption of specifically made CBD e-juice for vaping. 

Most of CPD vape juice is made for safe consumption. There are common ways to vape e-juice and how to do it properly and safely as possible.

There are no dosing guidelines in CBD intake, however, there are multiple factors that you should first consider before purchasing the CBD vape juice such as body weight, health history, body chemistry, and the seriousness of your condition to help you determine the dosage you needed.

Vaping or smoking allows the CBD to go directly into your bloodstream resulting in a much faster effect on your well-being than other methods. It will only take 10-15 minutes to feel relaxed with less-tensed muscles. 

However, keep in mind that vaping may cause negative health impacts and the consumption of CBD oil is not yet definitive. Researchers are still studying its properties to get the best and most effective way to extract the health benefits it provides. 

Bottom Line

There are many ways to consume CBD and reap its potential health benefits. It is important to explore and try different methods to determine which works best for your condition.

Significantly, you should see your doctor before trying CBD to avoid getting into a complicated health situation. 

Also, you should take into consideration whether CBD oil is legal in your state as there are states in the country where CBD oil is not recognized yet. 

However, as it has been advertised and marketed already, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking a step forward in doing extensive research on Cannabidiol and other Cannabis Sativa products to make a savvy decision whether to regulate and legalize the consumption of CBD.

How Does the National Government Help Improve Public Health?

public health

When things get worse, we always rely on the national government for help. After all, it is their responsibility to cater to our needs, especially these days where the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of stopping just yet.

But people often wonder how the national government takes action when it comes to addressing the needs of the community when it comes to public health. Today, we are going to dive right into that topic.

Below are a few factors of how the national government helps improve the safety of the entire community.

Having a Well-Maintained Public Health Infrastructure

Public health infrastructure is composed of health planning, health data analysis, policy development, community mobilization, public health research, and the like.

If the national government can regularly maintain these aspects of public health infrastructure, it will lead to a better overall public health for the different cities it handles.

Improve Health and Safety for Communities 

This means that the government shall impose public health rules and policies for the community to follow.

Such examples are letting families engage in health organizations, educate children more about health and safety, provide information about the public health status of a community, and addressing issues and concerns that some families may have regarding health. 

Preventing Communicable Diseases from Spreading 

The government shall be responsible for providing safety measures regarding communicable diseases.

This includes taking action immediately when a certain disease is spreading in a community, or implementing safety rules when a pandemic outbreak occurs in the entire nation.

A prime example is the global lockdown and families being quarantined inside their homes for the time being during the coronavirus pandemic. The government is also responsible for providing food and necessities to each family during the community quarantine. 

Immediate Response to Emergencies 

When an emergency happens beyond the community, the government should be able to dispatch police officers during a crime scene, get hospitals ready for a pandemic, and provide safety for the community and assist them in recovery.

It also includes reviewing and revising response plans to see which would work in a certain situation, and maintain a public health force that is armed and ready to be deployed immediately when an emergency happens.

Assuring Availability of Health Services

The government should be able to provide adequate health care for the community. This includes providing affordable medicine for the less fortunate, having enough health supplies for hospitals, and ensuring accessible health centers everywhere.

It should also be the government’s responsibility to identify the gaps and barriers that prevent the community from having access to such health-related necessities.

The national government should be able to provide a solution and make things easier to reach for everyone in the country.


The health of the entire community rests on the hands of the national government. However, we, as a community, should also be obedient to the government’s rules and regulations when it comes to public health.

Keep in mind that it should work both ways, by being a responsible citizen and with the help of the national government.

Health Effects of Smoking on Your Body


Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. We often see this disclaimer plastered everywhere in cigarette ads. However, despite the warning, people are still treating cigarettes like their afternoon snack of some sort.

This is why millions of people around the globe die because of cigarette smoking. Do keep in mind that these tiny tobacco sticks are like drugs. Once started, always wanted. It’s the same feeling of having sex for the first time and you get hooked into it in the long run.

Some people only think that cigarettes only bring harm to the lungs. But in reality, it isn’t. The harmful effects of cigarettes can spread into your entire body.

Making you suffer not only from breathing, but also other health complications affecting your vision, mood, and among others.

The Harmful Effects of Cigarettes

Below, let’s take a look at these negative effects of cigarettes that we are talking about. 

Anxiety and Irritability 

Too much cigarettes can result in mood swings. You will often find yourself being frustrated not having your daily dose of tobacco. When this happens, you will look for a way to get your much-needed smoke to calm your senses.

Blood Clotting

The more you smoke, the more your blood will clot in your entire body. This increases the risk of having heart disease, stroke, and pulmonary embolism, which is a type of blood clotting in the lungs. 

Pregnancy Problems for Women

Women who smoke too often during pregnancy increase the risk of baby miscarriage, asthma, ear infection, or even worse, death of the baby inside the womb. And if there are chances that the baby survives, he/she will experience oxygen deprivation, physical deformities, and growth problems.

Appetite Loss

Smoking too much can lessen your sense of taste. This results in loss of appetite, making it harder for you to eat right. More often than not, you will find enjoyment in smoking cigars than eating proper meals.

Persistent Coughing 

Cigars can do significant damage to your lungs. This leads to persistent coughing because of the damaged airways inside the lungs, making it hard for you to breathe. 

Eye Problems

Eye problems such as macular degeneration, cataract, or complete loss of vision will occur when smoking too many cigarettes. 

Weak Immune System

The more you smoke, the weaker your immune system will get. This is why heavy smokers tend to be unproductive and just cage themselves in their room for the entire day. 

Lung Cancer

Of course, one of the main targets of too much smoking is your lungs. According to the CDC, lung cancer is the most common reason for death for heavy smokers. It can occur to both men and women as well. 


Now you have an idea of how cigarettes can kill you slowly if not prevented. This is why we should keep our cigarette habits in moderation, or completely ward ourselves from doing such.When you live a life without cigarettes, you will experience a healthier well being away from deadly risk and diseases.

Knowing the Characteristics of the Medical Care Determinants of Health

medical care

The determinants of health are composed of various factors that make up the wholeness of a person’s wellbeing. It includes the four main pillars of health determinants, which are the genetics, nutrition, environment, and lifestyle.

However, what people don’t know is that there is a fifth pillar that acts as a support when one of these four pillars becomes weak. And that is, the “medical care” pillar, which sits at the bottom.

So what’s inside this medical care pillar, and how vital it is as a support for oneself? Today, we are going to have a quick dive about the medical care pillar along with its characteristics.

So, which of the following are characteristics of the medical care determinants of health?

The Importance of the Medical Care Pillar

As a support determinant, one must not underestimate the power it holds when the rest of the core determinants need assistance. Normally, there are two determinants which are known to be “modifiable factors.” And these are the nutritional and lifestyle determinants.

However, due to the degradation of our economy and pollution in the environment, both of these factors became weaker. And this is where the medical care determinant comes into play. 

Under the medical care determinant lies two characteristics which are the “drugs” (referring to medicine) and “services”, which is the health care provided by our government.

When we look at it, the medical care determinant plays a crucial role in keeping the remaining pillars at its stable state.

And this not only applies when both of the nutritional and lifestyle determinants are compromised. But also to the genetics and environment determinants as well. 

However, according to a study, making modifications to your lifestyle can help the medical care determinant to function well as a support. Come to think of it, when we live a better life by keeping our bad habits at bay, the less we will rely too much on our health care systems.

Thus, helping the “medical care” determinant to be at ease by reducing the risk it carries that are done by us.

Because the more we compromise our lifestyle, the more we rely on medical care such as meds and health care in order to save our wellbeing. A prime example of this is addiction such as drugs, sex, or any kind.

Doing Your Part To Keep A Stable Overall Health

As humans, what we can do is to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating properly, getting enough rest, and possess a positive impact on those around us.

In this way, we rely less on our medical care determinant which cannot only take a toll on our health, but also in our wallets too. It’s easy to have a healthy lifestyle as long as you know how to maintain your self control and discipline.

Though there’s no denying that temptations are just around the corner. But since we are born to know how to differentiate what’s good and bad, this will be less of a burden for us when it comes to decision making.