Knowing the Characteristics of the Medical Care Determinants of Health

The determinants of health are composed of various factors that make up the wholeness of a person’s wellbeing. It includes the four main pillars of health determinants, which are the genetics, nutrition, environment, and lifestyle.

However, what people don’t know is that there is a fifth pillar that acts as a support when one of these four pillars becomes weak. And that is, the “medical care” pillar, which sits at the bottom.

So what’s inside this medical care pillar, and how vital it is as a support for oneself? Today, we are going to have a quick dive about the medical care pillar along with its characteristics.

So, which of the following are characteristics of the medical care determinants of health?

The Importance of the Medical Care Pillar

As a support determinant, one must not underestimate the power it holds when the rest of the core determinants need assistance. Normally, there are two determinants which are known to be “modifiable factors.” And these are the nutritional and lifestyle determinants.

However, due to the degradation of our economy and pollution in the environment, both of these factors became weaker. And this is where the medical care determinant comes into play. 

Under the medical care determinant lies two characteristics which are the “drugs” (referring to medicine) and “services”, which is the health care provided by our government.

When we look at it, the medical care determinant plays a crucial role in keeping the remaining pillars at its stable state.

And this not only applies when both of the nutritional and lifestyle determinants are compromised. But also to the genetics and environment determinants as well. 

However, according to a study, making modifications to your lifestyle can help the medical care determinant to function well as a support. Come to think of it, when we live a better life by keeping our bad habits at bay, the less we will rely too much on our health care systems.

Thus, helping the “medical care” determinant to be at ease by reducing the risk it carries that are done by us.

Because the more we compromise our lifestyle, the more we rely on medical care such as meds and health care in order to save our wellbeing. A prime example of this is addiction such as drugs, sex, or any kind.

Doing Your Part To Keep A Stable Overall Health

As humans, what we can do is to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating properly, getting enough rest, and possess a positive impact on those around us.

In this way, we rely less on our medical care determinant which cannot only take a toll on our health, but also in our wallets too. It’s easy to have a healthy lifestyle as long as you know how to maintain your self control and discipline.

Though there’s no denying that temptations are just around the corner. But since we are born to know how to differentiate what’s good and bad, this will be less of a burden for us when it comes to decision making.