Health Effects of Smoking on Your Body

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. We often see this disclaimer plastered everywhere in cigarette ads. However, despite the warning, people are still treating cigarettes like their afternoon snack of some sort.

This is why millions of people around the globe die because of cigarette smoking. Do keep in mind that these tiny tobacco sticks are like drugs. Once started, always wanted. It’s the same feeling of having sex for the first time and you get hooked into it in the long run.

Some people only think that cigarettes only bring harm to the lungs. But in reality, it isn’t. The harmful effects of cigarettes can spread into your entire body.

Making you suffer not only from breathing, but also other health complications affecting your vision, mood, and among others.

The Harmful Effects of Cigarettes

Below, let’s take a look at these negative effects of cigarettes that we are talking about. 

Anxiety and Irritability 

Too much cigarettes can result in mood swings. You will often find yourself being frustrated not having your daily dose of tobacco. When this happens, you will look for a way to get your much-needed smoke to calm your senses.

Blood Clotting

The more you smoke, the more your blood will clot in your entire body. This increases the risk of having heart disease, stroke, and pulmonary embolism, which is a type of blood clotting in the lungs. 

Pregnancy Problems for Women

Women who smoke too often during pregnancy increase the risk of baby miscarriage, asthma, ear infection, or even worse, death of the baby inside the womb. And if there are chances that the baby survives, he/she will experience oxygen deprivation, physical deformities, and growth problems.

Appetite Loss

Smoking too much can lessen your sense of taste. This results in loss of appetite, making it harder for you to eat right. More often than not, you will find enjoyment in smoking cigars than eating proper meals.

Persistent Coughing 

Cigars can do significant damage to your lungs. This leads to persistent coughing because of the damaged airways inside the lungs, making it hard for you to breathe. 

Eye Problems

Eye problems such as macular degeneration, cataract, or complete loss of vision will occur when smoking too many cigarettes. 

Weak Immune System

The more you smoke, the weaker your immune system will get. This is why heavy smokers tend to be unproductive and just cage themselves in their room for the entire day. 

Lung Cancer

Of course, one of the main targets of too much smoking is your lungs. According to the CDC, lung cancer is the most common reason for death for heavy smokers. It can occur to both men and women as well. 


Now you have an idea of how cigarettes can kill you slowly if not prevented. This is why we should keep our cigarette habits in moderation, or completely ward ourselves from doing such.When you live a life without cigarettes, you will experience a healthier well being away from deadly risk and diseases.