How Does the National Government Help Improve Public Health?

When things get worse, we always rely on the national government for help. After all, it is their responsibility to cater to our needs, especially these days where the coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of stopping just yet.

But people often wonder how the national government takes action when it comes to addressing the needs of the community when it comes to public health. Today, we are going to dive right into that topic.

Below are a few factors of how the national government helps improve the safety of the entire community.

Having a Well-Maintained Public Health Infrastructure

Public health infrastructure is composed of health planning, health data analysis, policy development, community mobilization, public health research, and the like.

If the national government can regularly maintain these aspects of public health infrastructure, it will lead to a better overall public health for the different cities it handles.

Improve Health and Safety for Communities 

This means that the government shall impose public health rules and policies for the community to follow.

Such examples are letting families engage in health organizations, educate children more about health and safety, provide information about the public health status of a community, and addressing issues and concerns that some families may have regarding health. 

Preventing Communicable Diseases from Spreading 

The government shall be responsible for providing safety measures regarding communicable diseases.

This includes taking action immediately when a certain disease is spreading in a community, or implementing safety rules when a pandemic outbreak occurs in the entire nation.

A prime example is the global lockdown and families being quarantined inside their homes for the time being during the coronavirus pandemic. The government is also responsible for providing food and necessities to each family during the community quarantine. 

Immediate Response to Emergencies 

When an emergency happens beyond the community, the government should be able to dispatch police officers during a crime scene, get hospitals ready for a pandemic, and provide safety for the community and assist them in recovery.

It also includes reviewing and revising response plans to see which would work in a certain situation, and maintain a public health force that is armed and ready to be deployed immediately when an emergency happens.

Assuring Availability of Health Services

The government should be able to provide adequate health care for the community. This includes providing affordable medicine for the less fortunate, having enough health supplies for hospitals, and ensuring accessible health centers everywhere.

It should also be the government’s responsibility to identify the gaps and barriers that prevent the community from having access to such health-related necessities.

The national government should be able to provide a solution and make things easier to reach for everyone in the country.


The health of the entire community rests on the hands of the national government. However, we, as a community, should also be obedient to the government’s rules and regulations when it comes to public health.

Keep in mind that it should work both ways, by being a responsible citizen and with the help of the national government.